Homeowners and especially seniors face rising school property taxes and the very real fear of being evicted from their homes.  Barb Gleim believes that the time has come to phase out residential property taxes, so no one is ever forced to choose between paying their tax bill or losing their home.  As a school board member, Barb has seen first-hand how unfunded state mandates, rising healthcare costs, and pension benefits lead to tax increases at the local level. Barb is committed to reversing this trend, putting taxpayers first and eliminating residential school property taxes responsibly.

Pennsylvania and Cumberland County are blessed with unparalleled resources.  Unfortunately, the mentality in Harrisburg is one of higher taxes, bureaucratic red tape, and government overreach.  Barb Gleim understands that government does not create jobs, but through her small business experience she knows that it can either kill or promote job creation.  Barb will promote pro-economic growth policies that will reduce excessive regulations on job creators and allow them to invest in their businesses, our communities and provide good-paying jobs.  Barb believes that in order to kick-start Pennsylvania’s economy, we must reform our business climate through tax, regulatory and legal reform.

As a former school board member, Barb Gleim has seen first-hand the devastating effects that public employee pensions have had on taxpayers and property taxes.  The recently passed pension reform bill was an initial step in the right direction but it did nothing to address the Commonwealth’s $70 billion unfunded pension liability.  The public employee pension issue is a ticking time bomb if left unchecked. Barb Gleim will stand up to the special interests and career politicians and continue to fight for meaningful pension reform.  In addition to pension reform, Barb believes that we must look at reducing the size of government by eliminating unneeded programs and redundant departments and positions. Barb is also a supporter of reducing the size of the legislature and eliminating pensions for legislators.  Leading by example, Barb will not accept a pension.

In 2016, over 4,500 Pennsylvanians died from drug overdoses.  The opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country, knows no economic or geographic boundary and has affected Pennsylvanians across the state.  

The problems that we face in the 199th district are not necessarily the same in other areas of the state which is why another one size fits all solution or mandate will not solve this problem.  Barb Gleim believes that Harrisburg must work with local communities and provide resources and support to attack this crisis at the local level. As our legislator, Barb will combat the heroin and opioid epidemic by going after the suppliers of the drugs, restricting overprescribing of opioid painkillers, improving treatment for addicts and education for children and families.

Government reform is long overdue.  From budget stalemates to countless scandals and indictments, taxpayers are fed up with a system that benefits insiders, special interests and career politicians.  Barb Gleim supports a limited constitutional convention that would focus only on reforming state government specifically the terms and size of the legislature and the budget.  A constitutional convention would allow taxpayers to address issues that the legislature and Governor have been unable to address. Leading by example, Barb will not accept a pension or other legislative perks including per diems or a state car.

Cumberland County is home to unrivaled beauty and natural resources.  As a farmer, Barb Gleim, understands the important role that agriculture not only plays throughout the state but right here in the 199th District.  Barb and her husband, Tracy, own Hayman Farms and raise Hereford beef and sell hay in Middlesex Township, and they have seen the damage that burdensome regulations and taxes have caused.  Barb knows that most farmers are price takers and not price makers, so offsetting a mandated expense increase is much more difficult in this business than others.  As a state representative, Barb will be able to help farmers navigate nutrient management and conservation compliance, expand technology into rural areas, and enhance manufacturing and business development, to grow farm revenue.