Homeowners and especially seniors face rising school property taxes and the very real fear of being evicted from their homes.  Barb Gleim believes that the time has come to phase out residential property taxes, so no one is ever forced to choose between paying their tax bill or losing their home.  As a school board member, Barb has seen first-hand how unfunded state mandates, rising healthcare costs, and pension benefits lead to tax increases at the local level. Barb is committed to reversing this trend, putting taxpayers first and eliminating residential school property taxes responsibly.

Pennsylvania is blessed with unparalleled resources.  Unfortunately, the mentality in Harrisburg is one of higher taxes, bureaucratic red tape, and government overreach.  As State Representative, Barb Gleim has consistently supported pro-economic growth policies and our small businesses.   Barb is a member of the Economic Growth Caucus, which strives to work with leadership to pass pro-business, pro-growth policies.  Barb has introduced legislation to reduce the state’s corporate net income tax rate, currently the second-highest in the nation, from 9.99% to 4.99%.  This reduction will help make Pennsylvania more competitive with neighboring states and will lead to increased investments from businesses looking to relocate to Pennsylvania or expand.   She serves on the Labor & Industry Committee and has several bills that promote workforce development.

As a former school board member, Barb Gleim has seen first-hand the devastating effects that public employee pensions have had on taxpayers and property taxes.  The recently passed pension reform bill was an initial step in the right direction but it did nothing to address the Commonwealth’s $70 billion unfunded pension liability.  The public employee pension issue is a ticking time bomb if left unchecked. Barb Gleim will stand up to the special interests and career politicians and continue to fight for meaningful pension reform.  In addition to pension reform, Barb believes that we must look at reducing the size of government by eliminating unneeded programs and redundant departments and positions. Barb is also a supporter of reducing the size of the legislature and eliminating pensions for legislators.  Leading by example, Barb will not accept a pension.

In 2016, over 4,500 Pennsylvanians died from drug overdoses.  The opioid epidemic that is sweeping the country, knows no economic or geographic boundary and has affected Pennsylvanians across the state.  

The problems that we face in the 199th district are not necessarily the same in other areas of the state which is why another one size fits all solution or mandate will not solve this problem.  Barb Gleim believes that Harrisburg must work with local communities and provide resources and support to attack this crisis at the local level. As our legislator, Barb will combat the heroin and opioid epidemic by going after the suppliers of the drugs, restricting overprescribing of opioid painkillers, improving treatment for addicts and education for children and families.

Government reform is long overdue.  From budget stalemates to countless scandals and indictments, taxpayers are fed up with a system that benefits insiders, special interests and career politicians.  Barb Gleim supports a limited constitutional convention that would focus only on reforming state government specifically the terms and size of the legislature and the budget.  A constitutional convention would allow taxpayers to address issues that the legislature and Governor have been unable to address. Leading by example, Barb will not accept a pension or other legislative perks including per diems or a state car.

Agriculture is the number one business in Pennsylvania.  As a farmer, Barb Gleim, understands the important role that agriculture not only plays throughout the Commonwealth, but right here in Central Pennsylvania.  Barb has seen firsthand the damage that burdensome regulations and taxes have caused for farmers.  For farmers to remain economically viable many have looked to offset costs by opening their farms to the public through farm markets, pick-your-own-produce, corn mazes, hayrides, and farm tours.  Barb sponsored legislation to protect farmers and their agritourism business from frivolous lawsuits, which was signed into law by the Governor in 2021.

During her career, Barb Gleim has been very passionate about education issues.   She served on the Cumberland Valley School Board and the Cumberland – Perry Vocational Technical Board.  She believes that we must improve our public schools and provide parents the opportunity to choose which schools are the best option for their children.  Barb has been outspoken about the need to increase the level of curricula transparency, give parents a voice in their child’s education, and to end the radical special interests control over what is taught in our schools.  Barb introduced legislation to ban the teaching, funding, or dissemination of “Critical Race Theory” and other social justice activism in schools.  Getting back to basics, she supports career pathways and is spearheading the First in Math initiative, which will provide an interactive online math curriculum to all students in Pennsylvania.  She was also appointed to the State Commission on Agricultural Education Excellence, as well as the State Education Safety and Security Commission.

Governor Tom Wolf, former Secretary of State Kathryn Boockvar, and the Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania Supreme Court circumvented state election laws which led to confusion and distrust in Pennsylvania’s election system.  Following the 2020 election, Barb Gleim joined a lawsuit that challenged the actions of Governor Wolf and his administration that only the legislature has the authority to prescribe when and how elections are conducted.  Barb supports voting reforms that make it easy to vote and hard to cheat, such as Voter ID.

Barb Gleim strongly supports the 2nd Amendment.  She will continue to stand up to the liberal activists who want to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights and our ability to protect our families and homes.

Barb Gleim is pro-life.  She has consistently supported efforts and cosponsored legislation that protect the sanctity of life.

Barb Gleim has made standing up for female athletes in Pennsylvania one of her top priorities.  Barb is a sponsor of the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” which provides a level playing field for girls and women in competitive sports by making sure that female athletes compete for titles and scholarships in their own category.  Barb’s legislation upholds Title IX and ensures that girls sports are protected in Pennsylvania.