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Barb Gleim is uniquely qualified to help the constituents of the 199th work through the tough times on the horizon for Pennsylvania’s working families. She will be a strong proponent of fiscal responsibility and accountability, local control, and removing government regulations that prohibit common sense growth. An advocate for the business community and working families throughout the 199th District, Barb will never stop fighting for better jobs, safer communities, and a quality education for every child.


Barb has a B.A. in political science from the University of Maryland, and an MBA in Food and Agribusiness from Delaware Valley University.

Local Experience

After working as a project manager at the parent company of Giant, implementing new beer sales following liquor privatization, Barb left this job to help the 2nd generation at John W. Gleim, Jr., Inc. transition and grow, as Director of Business Development. The family-owned business has over 100 employees and is recognized as an industry leader. Barb also co-owns a small business with her husband, Tracy, crop farming and raising Hereford cattle on Hayman Farms in Middlesex Township.

Community Involvement

Barb is an extremely active community leader, including having previously served as President of the Cumberland Valley School Board, the Cumberland Perry Vo-tech Board, and auditing for Middlesex Township. She currently is an honorary member of the FFA, and is involved with the Cumberland County Economic Development’s Workforce Development Committee.


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